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Bold. Colorful. Luxurious. Timeless. These are just a few of the words we would use to describe the flawless style of interior designer Nicole White. Born and raised in Jamaica, Nicole founded her internationally RENOWN and critically acclaimed firm in 2010. The Beryl + Blossom team had the exciting privilege of chatting with Nicole about her life, inspiration and work.

You're known for transforming homes into spaces that are not just stylish, but retain their homey and cozy feel. How do you strike that balance? 

My goal is always to create a well designed space that's also functional and inviting. So even when we add dramatic elements to a space, we are sure to include

other elements that are comfortable that beg to be used. We never want a space that feels or looks like the plastic covered sofas many of us grew up seeing.  

Is there a Nicole White Look? What 3 elements would you say are constants in your work?

There is always an element of drama. I am known NOT to play it safe. There will be color, emphasis on metal finishes, and art in some form whether a custom piece or prints. 

"I am known NOT to play it safe"

What are your two must-have items on any design project?  

 Artwork and a pop of color

What role does sustainability play  in your designs and what are some important interior decorating sustainability tips that you'd share with our audience?  

We encourage clients to buy quality so it'll last as long as possible. We also love to restore

or reuse quality pieces a client owns for example re-doing the frames on an old piece of art or sanding and staining an heirloom piece passed down from generation to generation. Even when we do massive kitchen renovations, we always encouraging clients to give the old cabinets or countertops to a family member in need or donate it to Habitat for Humanity or Salvation Army.

In what ways do you think Jamaican or Caribbean culture has impacted the design world?

Haha! I mean, we are such a small island but our music, food, track and field have made us so well known and that larger than life sentiment carries through in our impact on the design world.

The passion we showcase in all these areas is the same passion we bring in design. Bold, risk-taking and full of life, that's the kind of impact we see. 

Who are other phenomenal Jamaican or Caribbean interior designers, interior stylists, or architects that our audience should follow? 

There are so many! But a few I know personally who represent Jamaica so well. They include:

We're so grateful to Nicole for sharing these insights with us. Learn more about her work by visiting her firm's website or her instagram page

Written with love by the Beryl + Blossom team

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