A beryl + blossom Summer

Things to look forward to this summer include but are not limited to, bumper to bumper traffic, unrelenting heat, too many children in public spaces, and last but by no means least, beryl + blossom's soy candle line. Each candle retails at JMD$1500 or USD$12. Our summer collection candle line includes the following quintessentially Jamaican scents:

Baby Powder
Lignum Vitae
Mint Tea

Our candles are sold primarily via our website and social media. Catch up to us online and see if we'll be in any pop up shops or expositions in and around your area for all our discounts and promotional offers. 


July 29, 2018
Kingston ArtWalk
Downtown, Kingston

August 5, 2018
Devon House Emancipendence Expo 2018



If you're interested in owning your own soy candle but you are unable to make it to any of our events,  we offer the following services.

Wednesdays at Devon House, St. Andrew
11-am - 1pm
4pm -6pm

Tuesdays at Glistening Waters, Trelawny

5:30pm- 6:30pm

Deliveries within Kingston and St. Andrew

Deliveries outside of Kingston and St. Andrew
Knutsford Express Courier

*this is Knutsford Express Courier's standard price for small packages. Prices are subject to change at the discretion of Knutsford Express. 

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